Posted April 1, 2011 by DJ Enuff in Sports

Michael Vick gets signed by NBA team?!

Michael Vick used to play college ball, PG, for Virginia Tech in 1999-2000. He only averaged eight points and four assists per game during his one season there. He grew up in Newport News, VA playing all sports. Virginia is only 200 miles from Charlotte, NC. So guess what team he is signing with?? The Charlotte Bobcats, which MJ himself owns. MJ once left basketball to pursue baseball, so you know he’s willing to give Vick a chance. His contract stipulates that when the lockout breaks, he can void his contract at that point. For a 6 Foot PG in the NBA, who can complain about $2 Million a year. Make sure you check out the pic below!


If you made it this far I am proud of because everything you just read it not true, April Fool’s Day!!!

(info courtesy www.sportsbata.com)