Posted March 31, 2011 by DJ Enuff in Sports

NBA fight night!!! Update:

Update: Wizards John Wall was given one game suspension w/o pay, Howard was fined $35K, big Z $25K.

Wizards John Wall threw punches in a small scuffle with big Z(adrinas Igauklis) of the Heat, last night. Wall connected with a brawler type blow, and was immediately ejected. Mad technicals were handed out. Here is the round to round, courtesy @SportsBata:

First big Z was swinging his elbows, nip John Wall’s face,

Wall steps up and big Z was still swinging his elbows,

Wall mad then swings at the mid section of big Z,

big Z pushes into his body, bodies up to Wall,

Javale McGee then tries to interject with big Z,

Juwan Howard steps in McGee’s face,

and they start pushing each other

in a separate little battle,

and then it was broken up

Watch the video right here…