Posted March 29, 2011 by DJ Enuff in Sports

Howard hatches advice for the Knicks

Orlando Magic superstar Dwight Howard added some advice for the Knicks following the post-game of the Knicks 113-106 OT victory at MSG, last night.  Read the excerpt, courtesy espn.com:

“Just look at college basketball right now,” Howard said. “VCU has been playing hard. That’s the reason why they’re beating all these top teams. Now they’re playing in the Final Four. It’s the same thing here. The harder you work, you make up for those mistakes. Whoever works the hardest is going to win. I think that’s what got us to the [2009] Finals. We worked harder than everybody else.”

In response to Stat’s poor scoring (averaging 20 points, five points below average) in the last five games:

“I just don’t see him as aggressive as he used to be,” Howard said.“I know it’s a lot of pressure on him; they ask him to do a lot. I just encourage him to keep playing, fight through it. He’s been playing hard every night and he has to continue to lead by example. If he plays hard, everybody else is going to play hard. It’s a different situation what he had in Phoenix. In Phoenix, Steve Nash just picked-and-rolled and Amare just could roll down the lane and get an easy bucket. But now teams are keying in on him and making it a little tough, so he just has to be aggressive and just find another way to score.”

(quotes, excerpt from full article courtesy espn)