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Emotional Pain Hurts As Much As Physical Pain

This news isn’t new, but interesting to read about. If you’ve ever had your heart broken before, then you’ve felt the pain in your chest and in your gut. It’s almost an indescribable pain. I can say that it feels like a deep hole inside of your body. I’ve asked others what they’ve felt and the answers I’ve gotten are “a large knot in your stomach, anxiety and the feeling of a pit in your chest,” “being unable to breath,” and “like having a steak knife in your heart or like stepping on a nail.”

Ouch. At least we know the pain is real. @SelenaBailey

Check out the article below by Health Day News:

    Memories of devastating heartbreaks appear to trigger activity in the brain that’s similar to when people suffer physical pain, new research suggests.

    “This tells us how serious rejection can be sometimes,” said study author Edward E. Smith, director of cognitive neuroscience at Columbia University.

    The finding could lead to more than a better understanding of the link between emotional and physical pain…

    “From everyday experience, rejection seems to be one of the most painful things we experience,” Smith said. “It seems the feelings of rejection can be sustained even longer than being angry.”

    Forty people, all of whom felt “intensely rejected,” ultimately took part in the study. As the researchers scanned their brains, the participants were told to look at photos, including photos of their friends (they were directed to think positive thoughts about them), and photos of their exes (they were directed to think about their breakup).

    The participants also underwent brain scans as they felt pain on their forearms similar to the feeling of holding a hot cup of coffee…Several of the same areas of the brain became active when the participants felt either physical pain or emotional pain. In fact, the two types of pain seem to share more regions of the brain than previously thought…

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