Posted March 24, 2011 by DJ Enuff in Sports

Mayweather wins $37K on the Bulls

Mayweather placed his bets at halftime of the Hawks-Bulls game last night. He wagered $41K, and won $37,272.75. The Bulls were already up 72-43 over the Hawks at halftime. Usually the lower team will score more in the second half because the other team will play lightly due to the huge lead. Mayweather bet that the Hawks wouldn’t outscore the Bulls by more than 5.5 (6) points in the second half. The Bulls dominated 114-81, and Mayweather easily won the bet. The Bulls outscored the Hawks 42-38, a (+4) on a (-6) or better bet.

Mayweather threw out an early tweet after the winning (which Mayweather later deleted in fear of IRS):

“My lil brother Derrick Rose will always get you Paid.”

Mayweather winning ticket:

(similar, pic, some stats from full article courtesy yardbarker.com)

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