Posted March 24, 2011 by DJ Enuff in Media

Cops cut Juelz Santana performance short

Police officers prevented Diplomats rapper Juelz Santana from attending Chris Brown’s album release party in New York City last night(March 23).  Juelz was scheduled to perform with Chris Brown at Webster Hall, to celebrate the release of his ‘F.A.M.E.’ album, but the rapper was stopped by NYPD at the door. His car was searched for drugs and weapons, and although no arrests were made, he did not enter in the building in time to perform.

Santana tweeted, “A! Jus go Pulled over smhhh was on the way to Webster Hall . . . never fails.” But his rep, Joe Wunstop, told us, “Nobody got arrested. They were just giving him a hard time. By the time they finished searching, Juelz was upset — so it wouldn’t have made for a good show. He’s not part of the Bloods gang.” He said the cops stopped Santana “I guess because a couple of guys that come around might be affiliated — friends bring friends — and he’s a really friendly dude.

A spy at an earlier Santana concert at B.B. King’s on Monday said two detectives followed him backstage. His rep explained, “The guys just follow around and sniff around for something to happen.” Santana himself claims the cops are unfairly targeting him, but admitted in a recent interview, “I been gang-affiliated since day one