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Hideki Matsui donates $620K to Japan

Former NY Yankee, Oakland Athletics’ DH, Hideki Matsui donated $620K to the Japanese Red Cross, yesterday. 50 Million Yen is equivalent to $620,000 USD. Matsui follows in the footsteps of Mariners RF Ichiro Suzuki who donated 100 Million Yen ($1.2 Million USD) to the Japanese Red Cross last week. Matsui gave the same amount ($620K) in 2004 after the Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami, and donated $10 Million Yen ($62,000 USD) in 2007 after the west coast earthquake. Matsui is also a hero in NY for single handedly helping the Yankees win Game 6 of the 2009 World Series. He went 3-4 with six RBI’s in that game, and was named World Series MVP.

To make a donation of your own, go to www.redcross.org.


(link from full article courtesy msnbc.com, info from full article courtesy yardbarker.com)

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