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5 Ways to Help Your Friend With Bad Breath

I’m sure you know one or two people right now who have got some jacked up teeth or breath that could kill a plant. I bet you’ve even diagnosed a few people with halitosis.

Well we’re going to help you, help them.


Tell them to brush their tongue better. Gargling can help only so much. Without brushing their tongue, halitosis will just get worse, day after day, year after year. Furthermore, those tongue scrapers are for lazy people. Get a brush and scrub. I haven’t mentioned gum or mint as a solution, because that’s just a quick fix, after a meal or midday. Gum, mint or mouthwash should never be a long-term solution to a chronic problem. If the issue is deeper than hygiene, then a doctor is recommended to find out whether it is a glandular condition or an alien growing inside of the body.

    “The main source of bad breath (or halitosis) is the tongue. Why? Layers of bacteria can get embedded on it… The Mayo Clinic also lists possible bad-breath causes like dry mouth (which occurs naturally during sleep) as well as certain foods, like onions or garlic….Another potential source — one that’s often overlooked — is a post nasal drip, which causes bad breath because bacteria are attracted to the resulting mucus and phlegm.” HP


Gum disease is something that I thought was solely genetic, however there are two other factors that can cause the condition: smoking and bad oral hygiene. Again, brushing your teeth, brushing your tongue and flossing the plaque off of the gum line isn’t a joke and it’s not a hobby. This is real business out here. Bad breath is not cool and neither is gum disease.

    “According to the NIH, gum disease sufferers don’t often show symptoms until their 30’s and 40’s, though teenagers can often have gingivitis, which is the milder form of the disease. Symptoms of gum disease include things like constant bad breath, swollen or bleeding gums and loose or sensitive teeth. The NIH reports that treatment often includes a deep cleaning or scraping tartar from below the gum line, prescription antibiotics, mouthwashes or gels and surgery. Diligent at-home care is essential thereafter.” HP


Well this one has nothing to do with a lack of hygiene but it’s just as embarassing. Let’s just hope you’ve come across a non-viral canker sore/cold sore versus herpes because that would just say something about your unsafe sexual practices.

    “Canker sores are non-virus based and caused by everything from stress to a plain old hereditary predilection. Most people let them run their course, which typically takes around 12 days…Herpes, is virus-based and contagious (through direct contact, like kissing, or sharing things like drinking glasses). According to the NIH, an outbreak typically involves skin lesions around the mouth and lips and small blisters and while there is no cure, Connelly says that oral herpes can be treated with anti-viral creams and pills.” HP


How else can I say this. Brus your teeth. I’m more of a fan of saying ‘brush your mouth’ because your gums, the roof of your mouth and the top, sides and underneath of your tongue need love too, not just your teeth. So, if your teeth are yellow, I don’t even want to know what’s going with the rest of your mouth. How unfortunate for the person who’s kissing you.

    “…It’s often caused by the foods and beverages we consume. Some major culprits? Red wine and coffee… Some teeth just come in with a yellowish undertone to them, naturally. The good news is that there are plenty of prescription and over-the-counter options, from laser whitening to drug store strips, all of which you can talk to your dentist about.” HP


Different problem. Same solution. Handle it.

    “…Caused by bacteria in the mouth being left alone and given time to cause damage….The bacteria then move in and live in the spaces left behind in the teeth (“like a bunker!”), and are more difficult to reach through brushing and flossing…Once a cavity has formed, a dentist can use a crown, filling or — if necessary — a root canal to treat the problem.” HP

I almost forgot to mention chipped teeth. A small chip is not that bad. But if you or someone you know has a grill that looks like they’ve been chomping on glass, you should probably give them a clue that veneers are an option. If you have money to spend on fake hair, fast cars, nice sneakers or fake asses, then how about your best asset, teeth?

Bringing this to your knowledge may have been quite comedic but in all truth, consistent bad breath is just disrespectful to the people that have to sniff the aromas daily. Take care of yourself. Help you friends. Help your co-workers. Good oral hygiene says a lot about a person and how they feel about themselves. @SelenaBailey

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