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Jimmer has friends in the Penn

BYU sensation Jimmer Fredette got game, but did you know he got friends in the Penn. Mount McGregor Correctional Facility, a medium security based prison, in Wilton, NY is the place where Jimmer and his older brother T.J. used to play ball with the inmates (on a civilian squad). He learned to zone out the sounds around the court during his visits. Some of the inmates took a liking to Jimmer and his game.

“Inmates are like regular fans,” Mount McGregor recreational director John Montgomery told Yahoo. “They like great moves and great plays. At first they were rooting for their inmate friends, but as Jimmer started slowly popping 21-footers and 24-footers, soon the jeers turned to cheers.”

“They all ask about me, how I’m doing and how the season is going,” Fredette said. “I guess we’ve made some relationships in there and people know about BYU basketball in there. We have those guys on our side, which is good.”

“Obviously there are a lot more people in big arenas in college, but what they say to you doesn’t bother you because I heard pretty much everything in those prisons,” Fredette said. “I think that helped me get better at blocking the crowd out and just focusing on the game.”

(quotes from full article courtesy yardbarker.com)

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