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Bulls stomp Wizards and move to first

With the Bulls 98-79 victory over the Wizards, last night, they have now won seven straight, and move to first in the East over the C’s with a 48-18 record. The Bulls were rocking the St. Patty’s day green. Wizards Javale McGee had a triple-double with 11 points, 12 rebounds, and 12 blocks. Bulls PG Derrick Rose, MVP candidate, had 23 points, four rebounds, and seven assists. The Bulls are climbing up the charts this season as a top contender.

“That was the hardest one point I ever tried to make in my life,” McGee said. “It was crazy, but I got it. It was a dunk of relief.”


Benny the Bull dancing:


McGee gets final points to secure triple-double:


(quote from full article courtesy espn.com)

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