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Barkley blasts Knicks on Letterman

Charles Barkley got on Letterman, and had some words for the Knicks D, and (earlier in WFAN interview) the raise-the-roof prices on Knicks’ tickets. He proclaimed the Knicks Defense as the “worst defensive team ever”. In a WFAN interview (earlier in the day, Mon Mar 14), he was shocked that the Knicks intend to raise their prices 50% since the ‘Melo acquisition. Check out the convo! [starts at the 11:00 minute mark]

“Oh, they got Carmelo Anthony and everybody’s excited,” Barkley said. “First of all, Carmelo’s a terrific player, Amar’e [Stoudemire’s] a terrific player and I like Landry Fields, but I gotta say, I watched the Knicks play. In the history of all basketball, they may be the worst defensive team ever. They play zero defense, and they’re not gonna do well in the long run.”

[In the WFAN interview, Barkley ripped Knicks brass for its plan to hike season-ticket prices 49 percent. Season-ticket prices had not been raised the past six years because of owner James Dolan’s policy of not raising them when the team does not make the playoffs.]

“That was a disgrace, a flat-out disgrace,” Barkley said. “Come on, that’s not fair at all. To raise tickets that much, and I understand that all these guys are trying to make money, but 50 percent is a little extreme. Let me rephrase that, a lot extreme.

“The Knicks have been stinking for a long time and these fans have always been loyal. For them to jab them like that with a 50 percent increase, that’s unfair.”


(quotes, excerpt from full article courtesy msn.com, foxsports)

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