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1st lady “Party Girl” Feat. DJ WebStar

Sometimes it pays to be different. At just 20 years old female artist 1st lady. has become a breath of fresh air in the NY scene. Hailing from Harlem, NY a city known for its make it or break it attitude, 1st Lady is truly out of the ordinary.


She is known primarily for her frenetic energy and style, which pays homage to OLD school ways with her own twist. At the age of 15, 1st lady had already launched herself into the music industry. By 16, she had a single out and soon after, formed a group with some long time friends to later on be known as ” The Retro Kidz “. As the only female member of The Retro Kidz, 1st lady held her own against her male counterparts and like female rappers before her, gave male rappers a run for their money. Now in her solo career, 1st lady brings a new pop sound with her old school background. Peers like Kesha and M.I.A really have her pushing to bring a new sound to the table. To not only push the envelope. but herself musically and to have an individual unique sound 1st lady was writing songs long before she intended on making it a career. it was just a part of her. She explains that her musical inspiration comes from leading females of the 80’s and early 90s. “Greats like Mc Lyte and queen Latifah really spoke to me. but R&B groups such as Xscape and SWV also played a big part. These women really paved the way. I’m young, but im old school” says 1st Lady. Coming from half Dominican descent, 1st Lady also intends on bringing her flavor to the Spanish market diversifying herself. she has worked with JoJo Simmons,spanish sensation sensato, DJ Webstar, Krys Ivory and Joell Ortiz just to name a few.

1st lady “Party Girl” Feat. DJ WebStar [Promo Video]

1st Lady is set to officially release her highly anticipated solo single “Party Girl” in 2010. There’s no limit to the heights this young talented female artist from NY is willing to prosper, she’s sure to be one of those few to leave her imprint behind in the years to come.