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Bobcat’s Henderson Jordan-esque lay up

Bobcats Gerald Henderson got fancy huh.. with a Jordan-esque lay up. MJ is the owner of the Bobcats, so I’m sure he directly influenced the young talent. Henderson was a Duke Blue Devil just a couple of years ago, and now he is on the big screen with style. The Charlotte Bobcats went to lose to the Chicago Bulls 84-101, last night. MJ himself went on to comment about Bulls PG Derrick Rose as his MVP potential. Check it out right here!

“MVP of the season,” Jordan said about Rose after the Bulls’ 101-84 win over his Charlotte Bobcats on Wednesday night. “He deserves it. He’s playing that well. He deserves it. Without a doubt. And if he doesn’t get it, now he’ll see how I felt a lot of years.”

“That’s huge, man,” Rose said with a smile. “When the person that you’re playing behind, all you hear about is Mike, especially in Chicago, look up to him. For him to say that, it’s unbelievable. It’s an honor and I’m speechless right now.”


(quotes from full article courtesy espn.com)

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