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ThatsEnuff Quick Tip: How to Achieve Multiple Orgasms

This one’s for the ladies, but some of you fellas out there, need to learn how to pay attention to her nonverbal cues. Listen up!

Cosmo’s provided some great tips on how to achieve multiple orgasms.

Of course the research comes from several MD’s and PhD’s: If you’re a Rutgers alum, like me, be proud! Beverly Whipple, Professor Emerita at Rutgers University contributed to the research as well as Rachel Carlton Abrams, MD, coauthor of the Multi-Orgasmic Woman and San Francisco sex therapist Seth Prosterman, PhD.”

Tip #1 Don’t Be Single-Minded

It’s all about non-verbal communication and being in tune with your body and theirs. Be observant.
Also, get your mind in the right state. It’s generally easier for men to achieve an orgasm. Women, it takes a little more focus for you. So get your mind right.

    Tune in to the mind-body connection. If you go into a hookup with limited expectations of your orgasm, you’ll actually cause your body to limit its pleasure responses. In other words, if you assume you can only come once during intercourse…you will. Dr. Abrams says, “It’s all about knowing that your body is fully capable, even built, to experience deeper, longer, and more frequent orgasms.”

Tip 2: Step Up the Sexercises

Come on son. If you Dont yet know about kegel exercises you are not #winning. This is important, not just for sex, but for post-childbirth women who would like to get things back down to size. It’s also great to prevent incontinence.

    “Since your orgasm is essentially an intense contraction of your PC and pelvic floor muscles, strengthening them increases blood flow to the area and enables you to experience a deeper pleasure sensation and a repeated series of pulses,” says Laura Berman, PhD, author of The Passion Prescription. By now, you know the Kegels drill: Flex the muscles until you feel them tighten. Release. Tighten again… “Keep pumping your muscles in small bursts to draw out the wave and create momentum for the next series of orgasmic contractions.” This way, you use your newfound strength to move beyond the initial climax and into the pleasurable realm beyond.

Tip 3: Max Out Foreplay

So many men want to skip straight to the business. Fellas, she is not always going to be ready right away. Just because you’re erect doesn’t mean that she’s moist. You’ve got to start thinking about her and what she needs to reach her peak.

    “For most women, clitoral stimulation from oral sex is the easiest way for them to climax,” says Dr. Abrams. “And having your guy help you get there before intercourse means that your body will be geared up to come again and respond to the added vaginal stimulation during sex, rather than still struggling to orgasm for the first time.”And even if you don’t come during foreplay, don’t fast-track the fun stuff: Your guy pampering you down there still paves the way for multiples. “If you’re aroused slowly, then you’ll stay aroused for longer, and unlike manual stimulation, his tongue is flexible, soft and strong — the perfect tool for making that happen,” says Dr. Abrams.

Tip 4: Take a Mini Time-Out

This might be the most important tip when it comes to multiple climaxes. Tell him to fall back for just a moment. Maintain a level of intimacy but give the va-jay-jay a chance to breath.

    Once you come for the first time, you’re probably in the habit of pulling away from him because you’re so sensitive to his touch. And rightly so: “After an orgasm, a lot of nerve pathways have been stimulated, and there’s been a tremendous surge in blood flow,” says Whipple. “So it’s completely natural for some women to want to take a break from stimulation in those moments immediately following.”But here’s the difference between a sack session that finishes here with a happy ending and one that continues on to multiple peaks: If you fall into a stupefied pleasure coma, you’re done. If you resume touching an area that is not hypersensitive, you bring it on.

    “Give the vaginal area a break for a minute, and have your partner suck your fingers, kiss you or caress your breasts,” says Dr. Abrams. “The stroking in other regions will keep your nerves and sensual energy on high alert while your nether regions cool off just enough to take his caresses all over again.”

Tip 5: Hit the Hottest Spot

Real G’s travel in silence, like Lasagna.

    Another common denominator that multiorgasmic women share: They know to bridge the gap from single to multiple by stimulating the G-spot, that spongelike moan zone behind the pubic bone. Here’s why: “While that area is highly responsive to touch, it’s also strong and resilient enough to stand up to a lot of stimulation,” says Dr. Abrams.As we said earlier, a good trick is to come initially from clitoral stroking. But then, once that area becomes supersensitive, move on to stimulate your G-spot to unleash the next orgasmic wave. Now that you’re there, the best positions to milk this feel-good sensation are reverse cowgirl and doggie-style, which are good bets because they tend to stroke that area naturally.

    To sweeten the pot, make sure you treat these positions as full-contact sports. That means having him fondle your breasts or trail his nails down your back as you ride him silly and creating constant contact by rubbing your clitoris against his body in a rocking motion in addition to thrusting. You get the picture.

    Dr. Abrams said, “One study found that women are more likely to have additional orgasms if they are stimulating several body parts at the same time,” she says. “Your body never quite knows exactly what to expect next and is more likely to respond.” Over and over again.

Once you feel yourself climaxing, don’t allow him to do ridiculous flips, tricks and acrobatics. Have him stick to that position and focus on you!.