Posted March 7, 2011 by DJ Enuff in Media

Charlie Sheen Finished with ‘Two & a Half Men’

So, whats the opposite of a Winner?  Today Warner Brothers announced that Charlie Sheen has been terminated from CBS’s sitcom “Two and a Half Men. The producers of Two of and Half Men justify firing Charlie Sheen by claiming  the actor as a “self-destructive addict who’s deteriorating mentally and physically while scorning those who have tried to help him.” The 11-page letter from Warner Bros. Television counsel John Spiegel to Sheen’s lawyer Marty Singer is accompanied by 10 pages of links from various media outlets reporting on Sheen’s recent statements and behavior. Although he is out of a job, in happier news Sheen was the fastest ever to 1 million followers on Twitter and he now has 2 million. Check out Charlie Sheen’s recent interview on Dateline.