Posted March 6, 2011 by BlueMagic in ThatsEnuff

LIC Queens’ 5Pointz May Fall Victim to Redevelopment

The owner of the Long Island City, Queens building known as 5Pointz, Jerry Wolkoff, has been discussing plans to redevelop the area into two high rise residential buildings, along with a commercial sector including restaurants, a supermarket, and studio spaces for artists. 5Pointz, which is clearly visible from the elevated tracks of the 7 train while traveling between Queens and Manhattan, is famous for the graffiti that adorns its walls, which attracts street artists from around the world to the industrial site to leave their own mark. Although the building isn’t an artistic free-for-all, and artists need a permit to paint, 5Pointz has become iconic in the history of graffiti and Hip Hop culture. According to the NY Daily News, Wolkoff is set to submit a proposal for the development to the city in the next two weeks. Artists, including Jonathan “Meres One” Cohen (the founder of the 5Pointz Collective), have already expressed concern over the possible end to the safe haven for some of the world’s most notable graffiti artists.