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Amar’e rips BYU “forbidden sex” incident

Amar’e got vocal on a recent “forbidden sex” incident at BYU, and later recants it. An integral BYU baller, Brandon Davies, violated the school honor code by having pre-marital sex with his girlfriend. BYU is ranked #3 and needs Davies for March Madness. Here is the original twitter, and the recant as well, courtesy msn.com, foxsports.

“Don’t ever go to BYU,” Stoudemire wrote on his Twitter account Friday, before going on to reference Davies’ race. “They kick a Young Educated (Black) Brother OUT OF SCHOOL. The kid had premarital sex. Not suspended, Not Release. Wow!”

A second post read, “P.S. With his girlfriend. Come on BYU don’t kick the kid out of school. Let’s be honest he is in college. Let’s the kid live a little.”

But on Saturday, Stoudemire tweeted a completely alternate view on Twitter.

“I totally understand the actions of BYU, I totally respect the school an (sic) the conduct rules. BYU has a great athletic program,” Stoudemire wrote, drawing criticism from his followers on the social networking site.

(quotes from full article courtesy msn.com, foxsports)

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