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‘Melo pens letter to Denver

‘Melo shows some love for the city he left over a week ago. Denver was his home for the last seven years since he entered the NBA. He decided to write a letter to his Denver fans and the city of Denver.

(via Pro Basketball Talk and the Denver Post)

A Note to My Denver fans,

I had to let you know how I felt about you, the city, my fans, my friends. You’ve been supportive of me and my NBA career for the past 8 years and that doesn’t go unnoticed.

That’s a polite gesture and nice touch from ‘Melo. It should be noted that throughout all the rumors and the whole process Carmelo handled himself fairly well with the media and attempted to say all the right things (except for those patting himself on the back comments). But it might be time to revise the flash images on his website to reflect him in blue & orange and rocking #7 the the Knicks.

Drafted when I was 19 I called Denver and the Nuggets my home. The city and the fans embraced me and watched me grow as a man and a player.

There are no words to express the gratitude and appreciation I have for Denver, the Nuggets and all the fans.

You will always be a part of my heart.

One Love,

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