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Big Sean Interview with RapRadar

Big Sean’s new single, “My Last” went on sale today for $1.29 on iTunes . Released early last month, the song has already landed on the Billboard charts. This Spring, G.O.O.D. Music’s Detroit Player will up his ante with his debut album, Finally Famous. Last week, Sean chopped it up with Rap Radar about his new tune, L.A. Reid, and the infrastructure of his Def Jam home.

How did you and Chris Brown hook up for “My Last” ?
That’s the homie, homie. That’s the G. He came to one of my shows random as hell one time— like, “What the fuck is Chris Brown doing here?” He was like, “Yo, I fuck with your music.” I’m like, “Shit, let’s get it in.” I didn’t think he was serious, but we ended up getting it in the studio in Miami and from there we became homies and started to make music. So we did like a good five songs together and one of them being my lead single, “My Last”. And it’s crazy because, “My Last” was originally just me. It used to be me singing it, but of course he sounds way better. Once he heard it, he was like “I’ll definitely hop on it.” It’s also on his album coming out next month too.

What was the inspiration behind the record?
I feel like “My Last” has so many underlining messages. Of course, it’s going hard on anything like it’s your last. That’s the best way to approach any situation. But even in the sense of like it’s a great party song. Something people can party, get fucked up to—but I want to keep that underlying message of this is what we worked for. We worked hard as hell to party like this.

The song also charted at Billboard, right?
It charted at 71 but it didn’t even go for adds yet. That’s just radio fucking with it on their own. It goes for adds the week after next but I’m excited.

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