Posted February 22, 2011 by 1KnonOCoKhet in News

Buju Banton Found Guilty

It’s a sad day for reggae fans around the world.

With a heavy heart I’ve got to report that Buju Banton has been found guilty on three different drug charges.

He was charged with conspiracy to possess with the intent to distribute cocaine after allegedly setting up a drug deal with two other men in December 2009. Buju was also found guilty of possession of a firearm and of using the wires to facilitate a drug-trafficking offence.

After almost a full year in jail, his September trial ended with a hung jury. This led Buju fans to be hopeful that there wasn’t enough evidence to convict him of the alleged crimes.

When Buju was released on bail in November, that further brightened our hopes that he would return without a scratch.

Buju even told the court that he had been set up and his biggest mistake was befriending the man who was actually working against him.

At the close of his retrial last week, Buju said, “I’m fighting for my freedom…I’m fighting for my life.”

The retrial began just a day after he won his Grammy Award for Best Reggae Album for Before the Dawn. On Friday the jury began deliberation and today we know his fate.

His bail has been revoked, he has been detained and now we await his sentence. He can face twenty years to life.

We continue to send prayers for Buju and his family.

On the bright side, Buju’s lawyer has indicated his intention to appeal the guilty verdict. @SelenaBailey