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MJ’s Legacy

Considering that yesterday was Michael Jordans’ birthday let’s take a moment to reflect the legacy of MJ. Who could forget MJ’s natural ability and prowess around the basket. When you think of basketball, you think of MJ. Feb 17 is MJ’s birthday. He is 48 years old and still a top baller, even though he is retired. He is a six-time NBA Champion with 10 scoring titles, and a current Charlotte Bobcats shareholder. Jordan celebrated his birthday scrimmaging with his Bobcats. Check it some of the conversation from the scrimmage, courtesy robotceleb.com.

Michael Jordan laced up his Air Jordans to play with the Bobcats, the team he owns. So does the former MVP still have what it takes?

“He’s Mike. He’s been kicking out butts,” answered forward Gerald Wallace. “He still has it.”

Head coach Larry Silas was impressed with Mike’s moves, “He’s holding these guys accountable and it’s great,” said Silas. “I love him out there.”

Jordan won’t be signing contracts to play in the big leagues anytime soon, though. According to reports, the basketball star had ice packs on both knees after the intensive work out. Jordan signed his last ever contract with The Wizards back in 2001. Lately, Michael Jordan has been spending a lot of time at practices, and relaxing. Check out the 2011 MJ Comeback promo!


(some from  full article courtesy robotceleb.com, video courtesy worldstarhiphop.com)

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