Posted February 15, 2011 by 1KnonOCoKhet in Media

Lady Gaga on The Tonight Show


Check out Lady Gaga on Jay Leno last night. And Yes, Gaga walked up in there with her Grammys in hand.
Show and prove.

Lady Gaga is definitely an interesting human being. The way she thinks and the way she speaks are mesmerizing.

It’s just so hypnotizing to hear her articulate her ‘crazy’ thoughts and carve out a sense of normalcy from it all.

The best part of this interview was when she explained the meaning behind the new single, “Born This Way.” She said, for all of those who feel “bullied and disenfranchized” know that you a growing into the person you were born to be. The song not only holds power but it’s great to listen and dance to.

I also enjoyed her reasoning behind changing the wardrobe of her dancers at the last minute before her Grammys performance. One might consider it diva-like behavior to expect her camp to make it happen in so little time, but she explains that the Haus of Gaga is a team. Everyone puts in the creativity, not just her, so she didn’t want her dancers to relate to the audience as back-up dancers in the costumes they would’ve worn. It makes a lot of sense. Your band, choreographer, creative director, dancers, wardrobe stylist, make-up artist and hairstylist are all part of one major team with one goal to convey a cohesive vision.

In recent days, people have asked me what is so great about Lady Gaga, but if they just listen to her, they’d understand what she means to her fans and monsters. @SelenaBailey