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Shannon Brown alley-oop

Shannon Brown threw down an unbelievable alley-oop on the Knicks, and the Lakers beat the Knicks 113-96, last night. The Knicks dropped to .500, show there is still work to do, and how badly the Knicks need Melo! Lakers Ron Artest thinks that the Knicks should get Melo. Check out his quotes in the pre-game interview.

“I hope they get him,” the Lakers forward said before his team took on the Knicks Friday night.

Artest quickly put his hand over his mouth, saying “Well, I’m not promoting it.”

Artest, an unabashed Knicks fan, said he hopes coach Mike D’Antoni’s team “continue(s) to do well. I hope one day they make the championship. I would love to play against New York in the championship.”

Maybe he would guard Carmelo in that hypothetical Finals matchup?

“We’ll see what happens,” Artest said. “I’ve been guarding the best player for the last 12 years. I have to guard him.”

(quotes courtesy full article espn.com)

Shannon Brown unbelievable alley-oop:


Game (Kobe) Highlights:


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