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Super Bowl short seats

Over 400 people lost their seats for Super Bowl XLV for safety reasons. Originally it was 1200 fans, but they were able to re-seat 850 of them. These lucky 400 fans got to watch the Super Bowl on a big screen TV in the stadium. The NFL said that the displaced fans will receive free tickets to Super Bowl XLVI in Indianapolis, and were also allowed to come down on the field after the game, where they received free merchandise, food and beverages. 

“Any time you’re putting on an event of this magnitude, you have your challenges,” Goodell said Monday morning at a press conference, according to the Washington Post.

“We’ve had them this week. We had an issue yesterday with several seats for our fans. It’s something that we have been taking very seriously, working at it. We apologize to those fans that were impacted by this.”

According to the overnight data, some 47.9 percent of US households with televisions tuned into Super Bowl XLV, and 71 percent of televisions on at the time were watching the game. That is a three percent increase from the overnight ratings of last year’s Super Bowl, FOX said.

(exact from full article courtesy msn.com, foxsports)

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