Posted February 7, 2011 by 1KnonOCoKhet in Media

Aguilera Nat’l Anthem Was not THAT Bad (Video)


Given the fact that most Americans can not sing the national anthem in the right key, or even sing at all, it’s not extremely fair to criticize someone else for sucking at it.

Credit should be given to Christina Aguilera for belting out the song with those amazing pipes of hers.

Now, she did mess up the words of the song, we can’t overlook that, but it seriously wasn’t that bad. Everyone has been attacking her as if she butchered the entire anthem, which she totally did not do. She kept it flowing, she kept it cool and if you hadn’t known the words (because most people don’t anyway) you wouldn’t have noticed at all.

What’s worse anyway, messing up the words or sounding like a dying cat?

Some did say though, that she sounded bad on top of the screw up but that’s not true.

She tried to change it up a little and belt out the song like a love ballad. In some places, no it didn’t work as well, however she still did a great job.

We’ve heard worse. Check it out below:

This is Michael Bolton performing the national anthem at Fenway Park in 2003. If anyone has ever screwed up the words more obviously than this, please comment.  Bolton had the lyrics written on his hand and he looked at them like the world wasn’t watching.


Carl Lewis was an olympic runner. Why the hell was he asked to sing the national anthem? Not sure. But he did something you just shouldn’t do as a performer. He acknowledged his mess-up and then apologized for it. No Bueno.


Roseanne. She’s not a singer either so one can only wonder why she sang the song.  And spitting on the floor afterwards, confirmed that this had to be a joke. Too bad it wasn’t. This clip is from 1990.


Now this is Christina’s rendition. Forgiveable compared to the rest wouldn’t you say?


She issued a statement following the performance:

“I got so caught up in the moment of the song that I lost my place. I can only hope that everyone could feel my love for this country and that the true spirit of its anthem still came through.”

After seeing these clips, I’m sure anyone would forgive her. @SelenaBailey