Posted February 2, 2011 by DJ Enuff in Sports

Spandex in the All-Star Game?

What is going on in the world today when you have to resort to spandex in All-Star jersey’s. I could see you wearing this under a jersey, but as a jersey, No! 

The Basketball Jones has the details:

What you see above are the new TECHFIT PowerWeb compression jerseys that adidas is offering as an option to wear in this year’s All-Star Game. As in, that’s the whole jersey. Nothing under it. Nothing over it. Just skin tight spandex, a name and a number. The look is … interesting.

As you probably gathered from that first sentence, these aren’t the only jerseys that will be offered in Los Angeles, as adidas will also be supplying all the All-Stars with the standard Revolution 30 jersey that you see every night in the NBA.

(word for word, full article yardbarker.com)

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