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Lebron takes it to the Cavs

Diddy and Rick Ross came to see Lebron James take it to the Cavs, and Lebron started the game with a nice parting speech. Ironically, Lebron and the Heat handed the Cavaliers their 21st straight loss and their 40th loss of the season with a 117-90 victory, yesterday (Mon Jan 31). Here is the pre-game speech, and some dunks from the game.

“It didn’t matter for me if the Cavs were going to have a successful season or not,” James said. “I felt like I was making the right choice for me as an individual and for my career. Like I said, I have nothing bad to say about the players that I left and the team. I wish the organization the best. And I wish the fans, more than anything, the best because we had a lot of great years together.”

Lebron to Wade for the dunk with Diddy and Rick Ross’s reaction:


Lebron dunks on J.J. Hickson and Christian Eyenga:


(quote courtesy full article espn.com)

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