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Lakers-Clippers Late Game Melee

With only 5.7 second left on the clock, Clippers up 99-90, Lakers Lamar Odom started to get chippy with young star Blake Griffin. Griffin was trying to box Odom out on a free-throw and got a little tangled up. Odom then pulled him by his jersey and flung him a couple feet.  Griffin backed up and said he didn’t want any part of it, and Clippers G Baron Davis stepped into Odom’s face. Odom was trying to get at Davis, and Davis was standing tall. Just before it was broken up, Lakers Ron Artest stepped up in the middle. The ref’s held a quick conference before ejecting Odom, Griffin, Davis, and Artest. You can decide for yourself who’s right and wrong by watching the video! [Reference: LA Lakers 92, LA Clippers 99, Sun Jan 16] (quotes courtesy espn.com)


“Maybe I overreacted, but I just feel like if you’re up 9, a ram in the back at that point?” Odom asked. “Any other time, I get it. You play hard, you’re strong, whatever, but the ram in the back [while] up 9? I don’t get it, so I’m just going to have to react.”

“I was just helping my teammate and being a backup,” Davis said. “People take shots at Blake, and they’ve been doing it all season. … It was just a bunch of lollygagging and arguing, but it wasn’t nothing. It was just playing tag.”

“I have no idea how they make their decisions — whimsically, I think,” Lakers coach Phil Jackson said. “I can see Lamar and Griffin [getting ejected], but Ron, it was just ridiculous.”

[Aside] Odom had an issue with Griffin playing hard till the end of the game up nine points, but you know and I know the Lakers can be sore losers from time to time especially losing a seven-game win streak.

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