Posted January 11, 2011 by DJ Enuff in Media

NYC bodies McDonalds FlavorBattle!!

The 2011 McDonald’s DJ Flavor Battle just rapped up and NYC comes out on top without a doubt. This year DJ battle 3 finalist from the East, Center and West regions of the USA. While Dj Jayceeoh held it down for NYC on the east coast, Dj Steph-Floss held it down for Cleavland and Dj HellaYella reeped it for the West coast. At the end of the night although all three djs battled it out, Dj HellaYella fell short after he used a set from Dj Scratch. Dj Jayceeoh held it down for NYC winning the battle, a nice check and the crown of McDonalds’s Flavor Battle. Lesson learned at the end of the night. Dont steal other dj’s sets. The world is watching! @DaKidFRENCH