Posted January 10, 2011 by 1KnonOCoKhet in Media

Nicki Minaj on The Ellen Degeneres Show


In a clip from her sit down with Ellen (above), peep the predominantly white audiences cheering hardbody for Nicki Minaj. Good stuff! And peep her shoe game. Bad as hell!

Talking about her success, Ellen says “This is just the beginning.”

And so it is. Props to Nicki Minaj for attaining such success on a mainstream level. She said, “Never did I think I’d be sitting on a couch with Ellen.”

On completely different note I’d like to address Nicki minaj as a performer. I’m not trying to bash her but I am from the old school and I believe as a platinum recording artist, your performance golds more value than your delivery on a track. I believe you have to develop yourself all around if you want to take your career to the next level.

These days, singers and rappers are so stuck on developing their vocal talent, that they look lost on stage.

It’s not that they need to dance, but they need to look comfortable in their body and at ease on a big stage.

Nicki though, is getting better. There is still much room for improvement. A stage director and choreographer would help with the quality of her performances, but then again her Barbies love her as is!

Check out her performance of “Moment 4 Life,” (below.) @SelenaBailey