Posted January 5, 2011 by 1KnonOCoKhet in Media

The Impact of MTV’s “I Used to Be Fat”


MTV’s newest show, I Used to Be Fat, is the smartest docuseries that MTV Networks has created in a long time.

This show is going to have a major impact on how people make fun of those who are overweight and it is going to change how people approach exercise and weight loss.

The first episode with high school homecoming queen, Gabriella, was a heartwarming tearjerker.

Watching Gabriella struggle with her weight and her self-esteem was not a laughing matter. Seeing her push through a lifetime of doubt was inspiring.

Throughout the episode you see Gabriella’s 111 day journey, where she worked with a trainer everyday at the crack of dawn and monitored the food she ate. No cookies, no sweets, no junk. Just healthy food.

In 111 days, Gabriella lost 90 pounds. That’s almost a full person, in 4 months!

As far as we can see in the documentary, she didn’t do it with diet pills, she didn’t do it with surgery, anorexia or bulimia. She did it the grassroots way- hard work.

Committing to eating right is no easy task, especially when there is temptation in your face. However, eating right is only half the battle. For most people, working out is the hurdle.

The pain you feel while exerting your muscles passed the point of physical exhaustion is an indescribable feeling, but they say “No pain, no gain” right?

Gabriella’s trainer, Katie, said to her, “It is hard. Keep saying it’s hard. What does hard mean to you? This is where you find it in yourself- that deep, deep place in your soul and you push through.”

This applies to everything in life. Why should ‘hard’ equate to giving up and not achieving the goal. You’ve got to find the determination and the drive to succeed.

Of course, success is relative, but it really means to set a goal and achieve that goal or surpass it. No matter what it is.

 Yes, getting in shape is hard, eating right is hard, achieving your highest goals and living this life, is hard. There’s no getting around any of that.

In regard to weight loss though, it is easier to get  results when working with a personal trainer and it is easier to stay motivated in a group fitness setting, because you don’t want to let other people down. So do what it takes.

Use Gabriella’s story to inspire you in whatever you set out to do. Just think, she was 253 pounds, and in 4 months she got down to 163 pounds. She got over the idea of it being too challenging, endured the physical pain and overcame the mental battles.

By the end of the 111 days and the end of the episode, even as the TV viewer, you can see that her confidence poured into  the way she spoke, the way she walked and the way she thought about herself. Of course her real  journey doesn’t end there. For her, life has just begun.

Fortunately, Gabriella isn’t the only one we see slim down. This isn’t like an episode of  True Life or Made.

 Each episode of  I Used To Be Fat will follow a new person, like the show 16 & Pregnant. Throughout this season, we will see various people leap over their hurdles.

If this show gains the following that 16 & Pregnant or Teen Mom now has, I think great things will happen among the youth in this country. They’ll begin to understand the concept of will power and limitless boundaries.

No matter what, you should do what it takes to achieve your goals, as long as it doesn’t jeopardize your integrity. @SelenaBailey