Posted January 5, 2011 by 1KnonOCoKhet in ThatsEnuff

Choreographer, Laurieann Gibson Gets Her Own E! Series

Famed choreographer, Laurieann Gibson, just landed a series on E! produced by Ryan Seacrest.

The eight half-hour episodes with follow Laurieann as she trains assistant choreographers and commercial dancers preparing to work with high-profile artists in the music industry.

Lisa Berger, executive vice president of programming at E! says, “Watching Laurieann mentor these young artists, who will do anything to make it in the business, gives us a glimpse into a world where the pursuit of success and excellence outweighs all else.”

Initial reports called it a reality show but it is more of a documentary.

Laurie-Ann Gibson is both a choreographer and creative director, so I’m sure the show will not only capture her vision, but it will also capture her dedication to the art form and document the hard work that she puts in daily.

Just a few months ago when Laurieann won an MTV VMA for Best Choreography for Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance,” a friend of mine who watched the awards said to me, “what has she done since Making the Band.

I was astonished because Laurieann has put in work, long before ‘Making The Band.’ She’s had a name in the industry for over a decade, and has worked with some of the biggest artists including Diddy and Gaga. She’s a veteran in the industry.

I was probably most offended by my friend’s comment because I am a dancer and I admire, respect and look up to choreographers like Laurieann Gibson.

Many times, the average person thinks that when a high-profile person is not in a magazine or on TV, that they have fallen off. That’s exactly what my homegirl thought. Not seeing Gibson on TV, led her to ask, “what has she done lately,” when in fact, she’s doing it all.

As a choreographer and director who has made a name for herself, she is someone you should know.

People get caught up in admiring certain celebrities and singers, forgetting about the people who make them great- their songwriters, producers, A&Rs, DJs, vocal coaches, choreographers, stage directors, lighting directors and creative directors, all the way down to their makeup artists and stylists. These are the true artists and visionaries.

Laurieann Gibson’s docuseries, The Dance Scene, premieres on April 10, 2011! Check it out! @SelenaBailey