Posted January 3, 2011 by 1KnonOCoKhet in ThatsEnuff

Chris Brown F.A.M.E Album, A Double Disc?

Chris Brown took to twitter on New Year’s Day to announce his expectations for his upcoming album.

“I’m tryna make F.A.M.E album a double disc!! But not too expensive,” he tweeted. “The other disc will be called FORTUNE!!! I just got too many damn songs.”

It’s great that Chris Brown has been working so hard in the studio because it shows in his music.

Everything he touches is a hit. Some may disagree, simply because they dislike him. However, you can’t deny something that’s hot.

Good songs like “No Bullsh’t” “Yeah 3x” and “Make a Movie,”are his latest. “Make a Movie” isn’t even his song, it’s Twista’s. However, C.Breezy makes it what it is. And I’m still playing “Deuces” in my car.

His newest release is “Look at Me Now,” which will appear on the upcoming F.A.M.E album. Chris Brown is rapping on the song, along with Lil Wayne and Busta Rhymes. I guarantee that this will go hard in the club.

Breezy’s track record goes to show that he will continue to do his thing despite what Rihanna fans and even Raz-B/ Ricky Romance fans expect.

I have no doubt that a double-disc release would sell, because he has garnered all his fans back, and because the music speaks for itself.

Even if the charts don’t show the success, at least he knows that the real music fans hold him up high. @SelenaBailey