Posted December 29, 2010 by 1KnonOCoKhet in News

Bloomberg Takes Blame for Slow Response to Snow in NY

Speaking today at a hardware store in the Bronx, Mayor Bloomberg took full responsibility for the slow response to snow that is still on the ground in most areas of New York.

Many streets are still not plowed, paralyzing many New Yorkers who do travel by car. He said he was “extremely dissatisfied” with the performance of the city’s emergency management system.

He should only be extremely dissatisfied with himself though. We don’t have enough workers to get the job done, because he fired them all earlier this year during budget cuts.

He said that 700 workers were hired yesterday and that he’d hired 1,200 more people today to shovel snow.

This statement strikes me as odd because it doesn’t mean that hundreds of sanitation workers have their job back, it just means a few people have a temporary job. Right after the snow passes, these same people will be out of work again.

Although we’ve made progress with the snow, some buses still aren’t running and too many streets and still covered in white. If you take a walk through downtown manhattan you’d be astonished.

For those people who live in outer Burroughs, it’s most shocking because Manhattan is usually clean right away, not taking a hit from the forceful weather. This time is much different. However, Bloomberg said, the inefficiency was something “the city has a right to expect.”

Don’t you remember how your streets smelled during the summer days when your garbage wasn’t picked up? That too was Bloomberg’s fault. He needs to be held accountable for every wrong move.

If it hasn’t been obvious to Bloomberg before today, then it is most obvious now. He needs to re-hire everyone in the sanitation department that he laid off.

It’s only December, which means there’s more snow to come throughout the winter and early spring months. Hopefully, he does everything in his power to get us back on track soon.

According to the New York Times, he pledges to have every street plowed by morning.

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