Posted December 26, 2010 by 1KnonOCoKhet in Toys and Collectibles

#1 Game Played This Christmas – Michael Jackson Experience

Since it’s release on November 23, The Michael Jackson Experience has been sold out in most stores. People have been scrambling like mad men to buy this game for family and friends in time for the holidays.

As I scrolled across twitter and facebook on Christmas Day, I couldn’t count how many people were at home with family playing the MJ game on their Wii.

I finally got to play the game myself and I have to admit that It’s the best game out right now. It tops ‘Just Dance,’ ‘Dance Revolution,’ ‘Dance Central’ and any other game that has come out under this genre. Mostly because it’s Michael Jackson. Nothing’s ever better.

As two people get up and dance to any particular song, you’ve got the lyrics on the screen for everyone else watching the two dancers at play. So it serves as an MJ karaoke session and you realize you didn’t actually know every word to every song.

My family played for hours. As two players got up and perfected their moves to “Smooth Criminal,” “In the Closet,” “Bad,” “Beat It,” “Remember The Time,” “Thriller” and every other hit, the rest of us laughed, smiled, sang and dance.

We did wonder though, what the rating was on this game, because some of the partner-work and pelvic thrusting was a little too sexual for the eyes of the children.

The game is officially for ages 10 and up, but I suggest you use your own judgement (17 and up.)

So, once you put the toddlers in a different room, this is definitely the game to play and add to the list.
You know, the list of games that you have to play at every family gathering. Yes, this definitely already includes, Spaids, Dominoes and most likely Taboo.

Please get your hands on this game. You’ll love it!

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