Posted December 24, 2010 by 1KnonOCoKhet in News

State of Emergency Declared throughout Cali

Wishing a Happy Holidays to Californians… I know it seems as though they are having the worst holiday due to heavy rain and lots of flooding, but just think, it could always be worse. We must always be grateful, even under the worst conditions, right? FoxNews reported on the State of Emergency over on the west coast:

    (FoxNews) — Acting California Governor Abel Maldonado has declared a state of emergency in two more counties due to extreme weather and storm conditions that have caused flooding and strewn debris.

    Maldonado proclaimed emergencies Friday in San Diego and Inyo counties.

    The declaration will allow state emergency personnel and equipment to assist local responders in coping with storm-related hazards and cleanup.

    A state of emergency had previously been declared in Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, Tulare and four other counties.

    Department of Transportation officials also announced the reopening Friday of the previously waterlogged State Route 133, a major road into the Orange County town of Laguna Beach.