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Cosmo’s Sexy Ways to use Vibrators as a Team

Okay men and women let’s have an adult conversation about sex. Let’s talk about it. I know you’re already thinking about it. L

Comspolitan Magazine Online recently came up with ways to use a vibrator as a team.
Lots of women refuse to go toy shopping and lots of men are intimidated by the big bad vibrator. Well, don’t be scurred. Check out what cosmo had to say to the ladies:

    – Buzz it on him before you strip him down. Lay him on the bed, turn it on, and rub it over him. Start at his knees, run up his upper thighs, and circle it around the bulge in his pants. This way, he’ll get comfortable with the feeling.

    – 2. Turn it up full throttle (the shaft of a guy’s penis isn’t so sensitive, so he can handle it). Then move it up one side of his package and down the other. It’ll stimulate his entire penis and make him extra hard.

    – 3. During oral, hold the side of your vibe against your cheek as you take him in and out. Your wet, quivering mouth will feel unexpected and arousing.

    – 4. Turn it down low, and wrap it in your panties to lessen the sensation. Then hold the vibrator against his boys while you fondle his shaft. A guy’s testicles can’t take very much stimulation, so the muffled shaking is right.

    – 5. While he uses his tongue to pleasure you, have him put the vibrator inside you angled slightly toward your belly button — that way, it will hit your G-spot (the spongy, dimesize area about 2 inches inside you that is pleasurepacked with nerves). The combo of stimulation will make for an incredibly intense orgasm.

This is some serious teamwork!

Let’s have an open forum. What do you think about these tips? Too much for you, not enough? Maybe you just realized that a vibrator may be a great gift for Christmas. Better Hurry to the Toy Store and go to Cosmo for more tips.

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