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Bob Marley’s Granddaughter Does not Believe his Cause of Death was Cancer

The granddaughter of icon, Bob Marley, believes the late reggae legend was actually murdered thirty years ago.

Bob Marley’s official cause of death in 1981 at age 36, was melanoma, a form of cancer.

His granddaughter believes he was poisoned, according to the Jamaica Gleaner.

Donisha Prendergast is a 25-year-old documentary film-maker, from Kingston and the daughter of Sharon Marley Prendergast, who Bob adopted when he married her mother Rita.

Prendergast said, “Somebody killed him. Look at history, it shows us what they do to our leaders. He was a healthy man who exercised regularly. I would love to believe that he died of natural causes, but history won’t allow me to. I believe he was poisoned.”

Many West Indians believe in obeah, voo doo, black magic, and rootwork. Whatever you want to call it, it is a practice where some use it for good, and others use it for their own devilish purposes. Therefore, it’s not out of this world to believe anyone would use magic on a figure like Marley, who was a powerful and positive influence loved by people all over.

Although her thought process is clear to me, it will be too hard to explore and investigate that idea, now that many decades have passed.

Her documentary is called Rasta: A Soul’s Journey. The Gleaner says it “will examine how Rastafarian communities have evolved in the UK, United States, Israel, India, Jamaica, South Africa, Ethiopia and Canada…Prendergast will meet people who have chosen a Rastafarian lifestyle and she hopes viewers will be enlightened about who Rastas are and how they live. Her main goal is to remind black people that they are African and that Africa is accessible today.”

Prendergast says, “It’s important to embrace African identity. Rasta is the only movement that is keeping Africa alive. Look at my hair. The fact that I’ve allowed my hair to grow naturally is an African expression. One must come to know oneself outside of what the westerners teach…”

Note taken. And I plan on watching this documentary.

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