Posted December 16, 2010 by DJ Quiz in Style and Fashion

SneakerTube.TV (Let’s Go Sneaker Heads)

If you ever been down to Soho and went to a dope sneaker on Spring St then it was because of my boy Pete and you sneaker heads know who Im talking about. Pete have launched SneakerTube.TV for the true to the heart sneaker and wanna be sneakers heads. Check the site out and show my boy Pete some love on his new adventure. Quiz Knows BOOM!

December 15th, 2010 – Brooklyn, N.Y.??”Sneaker culture now has a video sharing blog that wants user videos from little known sneaker lovers and seasoned veterans, and footwear companies to get noticed and appreciated all over the world”.??Today a new web site called SneakerTube.TV (STTV) will launch online. SneakerTube.TV is created by experienced footwear retailer and long time sneaker lover “Premium Pete”. It is a video sharing blog created with the purpose of focusing on sneaker related video content from folks who probably aren’t the most expressive or experienced on video but they very much love sneakers and sneaker culture. The site will be a place where sneaker lovers from all over can use the videos as a way to spark interaction between themselves and others like them. “At the end of the day, its all about the community” says Pete. “One of the main things I envisioned when creating SneakerTube.TV was having sneaker lovers, reviewers, collectors etc, from all around the world  all in the same community as Companies, Boutiques and Shops. I encourage sneaker companies to sign up, Interact, and show the community what you have” SneakerTube.TV will be a place where folks can begin to exchange views and make friends with sneakers being the common bond that will branch out to other things. SneakerTube.TV also features one of the most flexible, high quality, and fastest importing video players online today. Members will be able to import You Tube and Vimeo videos without losing their view counts, and will also have the ability to create customizable profile pages, live chat, blog, create & join groups and make friends with other members.??SneakerTube.TV (STTV) launches online today Wednesday, December 15th, 2010 and will be open to anyone to join and begin uploading and importing your sneaker related videos as well as watch videos from other members.
Upload, Watch, and Share Your Sneaker Videos!!! Join the community at www.SneakerTube.TV