Posted December 16, 2010 by 1KnonOCoKhet in Media

Prince ‘Welcome to America’ Tour (Show Recap)

To say that Prince never ages is a complete understatement. Prince looks, moves and sounds just like he did decades ago.

Last night Prince kicked off his ‘Welcome to America’ Tour at the Izod Center in New Jersey where thousands of excited fans from around the tri-state gathered to see the Artist get down.

From beginning to end, he was off the meter performing his greatest songs including Purple Rain, Raspberry Baret, Sexy Dancer, Cool, If I Was Your Girlfriend, Let’s Work, and some of my favorites Shhh, Call My Name, Diamonds and Pearls, Adore and Kiss.

His outfits were elaborate and of course he had a guitar to match, switching from acoustic to electric throughout the show.

His three female backup singers were outstanding vocalists and he let them shine brighty, along with his amazing drummer and entire band. He even brought out Lalah Hathaway, who opened for him. He did several duets with her and she seemed nothing less than honored to be sharing a stage with him.

As he danced and played and sang, the grown women and men all around me were damn near spastic. I thought they were going to faint. It’s so nice to see an artist who still has that much of an impact on their fans.

Last night, my friend and I asked ourselves, which young artist today, gets their fans riled up in the way that Prince and the late Michael Jackson did for theirs. We came up with no names.

And it’s not about the way the artists look, although it helps, but it’s bout the true musicianship and outstanding performance quality. If anybody comes close, I’d say the only person is Beyonce.
With that said, I’m excited to see her grow into a legend like those she learned from, including Prince. He is simply timeless.

Last night I’d hoped to hear other great hits Like I Wanna Be Your Lover, When Doves Cry and How Come You Don’t Call Me, a song I became familiar with based off of Alicia Keys’ cover of it on her Songs in A Minor debut.

I was not disappointed though. He did say that his show is a different experience every night so I’m sure another audience may get to rock out to those songs. I’d love to go back one or two more times.

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