Posted December 13, 2010 by 1KnonOCoKhet in Media

Janet Jackson to Kick-off World Tour in Hong Kong

Look Out World!!!! Ms. Jackson is getting ready to take us by storm, one city at a time, in 35 cities to be exact.

She recently announced that she’d hit the road in 2011 for the “Largest World Tour” but it’s sooner than we expected. She already chose a date and city.

Via her website, Janet said, “The fans really reached out and voted for Hong Kong to be the Valentine’s Day city of our Number Ones tour. I am thrilled to receive your votes and I will be performing in Hong Kong Feb 14, 2011!”

Janet’s got a few other projects under her belt as well. In addition to Tyler Perry’s “For Colored Girls” which she starred in and the “Number Ones” greatest hits collection from which she will perform the singles for this tour, she will also release a book called “True You,” on Feb 8.

It’s not your typical celeb book thats really vague and clearly not self-written. In this book Janet will actually talk about her struggle with weight, her image, and the book will serve a purpose to uplift readers and fans and boost self-esteem. Sounds like a great book that is very personal. I commend her for being so open.

Can’t wait for the tour to hit my city and yours!

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