Posted December 8, 2010 by DJ Enuff in Sports

Mayweather pokes Security guard in the face

Floyd Mayweather has been charged with criminal battery in Nevada for allegedly — and this is serious — poking a man in the cheekbone with his finger … TMZ has learned.

TMZ has obtained the criminal complaint – in which cops say a private security officer named Shayne Smith told them Mayweather went ballistic outside of his Las Vegas home on November 15 after Smith placed parking citations on Floyd’s cars.

According to the documents, Smith alleges Mayweather screamed at him that he had no ‘f*cking’ business touching his personal property … then grabbed a citation and slapped it on Smith’s patrol vehicle.

The document continues, “While lambasting Smith, Mayweather was allegedly jabbing his finger into the left side of Smith’s cheek just below his eye. This willful and unlawful use of force and violence upon Smith caused redness and discoloration to the area which was battered by Mayweather.” (exact from  article  courtesy yardbarker.com)

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