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We all know that New Years Eve is one of the most dangerous nights to drive, from the drunk drivers on the road to the DUI checks everywhere. Diddy and his Ciroc Vodka company are providing New Yorkers with safe rides on NYE.  The company announced that during the holidays this season they will bring back their safe ride programs.  How this will works is that thousands of pre-paid debit cards that will be worth $25 will be given out at major traffic stops. This will include all five boroughs of New York.  This will persuade people to not to drive drunk and not to drive at all because of drunk drivers, but instead to take city subways and participating taxi companies. The card will be valid until January 1, 2011

Here is an official statement from Diddy:

“As the ‘Official Vodka of New Year’s Eve,’ Ciroc has made a huge impact over the last two years by helping New York get home safely, so I’m proud to announce that we’re bringing the program back in an even bigger way,” said Diddy. “New York is the world’s most iconic holiday destination, so I’m excited to lead by example to demonstrate that a smooth, sophisticated holiday season doesn’t end when the ball drops, but when everyone gets home safely.”

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