Posted December 7, 2010 by Global Vito in Music

D.A. (The Future) “Still Alive”


“Prepare yourself for an artist with a new hip sound”.

Derek Anthony, orginally from Van Nuys, California, is not your average rap artist. Described as the party-starter and a storyteller, he’s really just a conscience thinker with the gift of a poet. Already CEO of two companies (Misfits Entertainment – a record label and Smash Brothaz Entertainment – a promotional/marketing firm), this artist is out to prove he’s got more than just a beat and a rhyme.

At the age of seven he moved across the country with his family to a small town in Long Island named Amityville; a suburb of New York. By then, his father (who wrote gospel lyrics for a church choir) had already introduced him to music. It wasn’t long before he picked up a pen and started writing lyrics of his own. By his tenth birthday he began experimenting with recording and, from that point on, he knew he was going to be a star. Before long, he was reciting his lyrics in front of large audiences. Realizing his relationship with the entertainment industry was fate, his passion for music began to grow … and it’s been all about music ever since.

Anthony solidified his name as a sharp MC at the age of fifteen after winning several battles and talent shows with little effort. The hustler inside of him performed anywhere his music would be heard. Whether it was a fashion show or a neighborhood party, Anthony was determined to take D.A. “The Future” to the next level. His efforts paid off when he was invited to open up for artists such as, JAE MILLS, JUELZ SANTANA, BRISCO, ROSCOE DASH, JIM JONES, and MANY MORE at The Cop Shopin Long Island and across the us.

His next task was to sprinkle the mixtape market with different tracks. Instead of creating a drop in the bucket … D.A. “The Future” made it rain by selling 10,000 copies on each debut of “The Recipe” and “The Manual.” When asked if he felt that was a major career accomplishment he replied, “Accomplishment? Yes! But that wasn’t the beginning and end for me. It just proved I had fans out there who appreciated my music. And I am grateful for that.”