Posted December 1, 2010 by Strawberry Blunt in ThatsEnuff

Wiz Khalifa “Rookie of the Year” and Rick Ross “Man of the Year” on Source Magazine

Rick Ross and Wiz Khalifa cover the December 2010 issue of Source Magazine.  Rick Ross was named Source’s man of the year while Wiz was named rookie of the year.  The issue will hit news stands on December 14th.  In other Khalifa news, he recently went on Shade 45 and explained why he is allowed to smoke weed: “I have a medical card that allows me to smoke in certain places,” “So for me if it’s a legal state, I can smoke out when I want.” “It’s hard for me to sleep and I have anxiety from all of the flying; so my doctor prescribed it for me”

So that means any rapper, singer, actress, and even the regular high traveling worker can go get a medical card? for anxiety… damn we will see how many people go make appointments for that.

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