Posted December 1, 2010 by Strawberry Blunt in ThatsEnuff

Swizz Beatz speaks with Fox Business

Swizz Beatz recently spoke with Fox Business about this past year for him. From being a professor at NYU to having deals with Aston Martin, Reebok and many other companies. Swizz says: “In 2010 I named it my graduation year,” “I started in 1998. I had my first platinum record in 1998, but it comes a time when you have to graduate. In 2010 I wanted to graduate physically, spiritually and mentally and graduate my brand. So it’s very important for people to know when you change as a person…in 2010 I laid out all these forums to where people can see Professor Dean and not just somebody that worked with Jay-Z and all these Rap artists.”

He wants to work with brands that have room to grow, he tells Fox, so lately he has turned downs some business partnerships that most people would not dream of .

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