Posted November 29, 2010 by 1KnonOCoKhet in News

Alcoholic Whipped Cream?

Whipped Lightning aka ‘Whipahol’ is the new and very first alcohol-infused whipped cream.

Who would’ve thought this has never been created before.

It’s not clear how much alcohol comes in the product. Some reports say 13% alcohol by volume, and others say 18% alcohol by volume. Either way, this is surely not your traditional whipped cream.

Many have compared this to the infamous Four Lokos and suggested it should also be banned.

I’m not too sure why it makes sense to ban every new and innovative alcoholic product because this, just like Four Lokos, is something that can be completely safe if you consume with some common sense.

The most important message that makers of the product need to send is to use in moderation.

MSNBC reported that the Boston Health Department still says the product needs to be monitored for potential abuse. “There’s also concerns that young children could get a hold of it.”

Store owners also have a responsibility to make sure they are selling to consumers that are 21 and over.

Four Lokos would have had less of a nationwide impact if high schoolers weren’t getting their hands on the product and if college students weren’t bing drinking with it.

Whipped Lightning can easily be a fun product to use on desserts or drinks, unless it gets in the wrong hands.

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