Posted November 26, 2010 by DJ Enuff in Sports

Introducing… #16 Brad Smith NY JETS!

Introducing… # 16 Brad Smith NY JETS! Smith came out the gates like lightning last night. He lit up everyone’s dinner table in New York with amazing, hard running. He ran so hard on his 89-Yard Kickoff Return TD he lost his shoe in the process. Check out the Video! Brad Smith is in his fifth year all loyal to the Jets. He can mix & match with the ability to receive, more on return, and run the ball as a third or fourth RB on the switch. He is the perfect component to special teams even nicknamed, “Mr.Everything”. To see more… Click READ MORE

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Last night, Thanksgiving, Thurs. Nov 25, the NY Jets were home in the Meadowlands and dominated the Cincinnati Bengals 26-10. WR Brad Smith (+Special Teams) scored two TD’s. He became the 1st player to get an over 50-yard TD rushing and Kickoff return TD in the same game. The first TD was an end-around early in the third quarter, from the 53-yard line. Watch the Video below!!! The second TD came early in the fourth quarter, on a kick-off return for 89 yards.