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Lebron James & Matt Lauer Thanksgiving Special


LeBron James
will be honored on Lauer‘s annual Thanksgiving special along with Kim Kardashian, Justin Timberlake and others who made this year’s “People of the Year” list. The interview will take place on Thursday, Nov. 25 at 9PM/ET. Click Read More to preview some of the interview.

Here is some of Lauer’s interview with LeBron:

LAUER: …And the decision not to tell the Cleveland Cavaliers before you made the public decision?

LEBRON: I think maybe that coulda been handled a little bit different //I never regret anything I do //but when you look back on things, you could say “Well, maybe you change this or change that.”

RE: The messaging in his new Nike commercial:

LAUER: Should I be who YOU want me to be? That’s the message here. I mean when it comes right down to it, that’s the question you’re asking people. And the answer you’re giving is “No.”

LEBRON: You can’t live your life on someone else’s path. Just can’t do it. You never accomplish what you wanna accomplish in life.

LAUER: The other line in there that jumps out at me

LeBron is “Should I believe that I’ve ruined my legacy?” Do you think you’ve damaged your legacy at all?

LeBron: Well, that’s pending. I got a lot of time

(quotes and writing exact from article courtesy of balljunkie.com)