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Video Streaming To Drown out DVDs

Is it a wrap for your DVDs? Has video streaming drowned out movie discs the same way that the world wide web ruined newspapers? Check out what Netflix had to say about it all, reported by the AP.

    (Associated Press) Netflix is preparing for the day when getting DVDs by mail is as old-fashioned as going to the video store. It’s hoping to wean people from DVDs with a cheap plan that offers movies and old TV episodes exclusively through online streaming. It will cost $8 per month, matching a recent price cut by rival Hulu.

    So should you get rid of your DVD player? Maybe not yet. But it might be a good time to make sure your television can connect to the Internet…

    Now, Netflix says its 17 million subscribers watch more hours of Internet-streamed video each month than they do on the DVDs they get through the mail….

    In a way, the move to streaming mirrors what’s happening in the newspaper industry. While tens of millions still subscribe to print editions, that audience is getting older and shrinking. Younger readers get their news on computers and other digital devices.

    [Wedbush Securities analyst] Pachter expects DVDs to be around for at least 20 more years. Netflix itself has projected that its DVD-by-mail shipments will peak in 2012 and then progressively decline until they become infinitesimal around 2030…

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